Joyce’s Choices Healing Kitchen Presents...

How to create an efficient healing kitchen that saves you time and money

And have more fun in the kitchen!

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December 30, 2021

12pm - 2:00 pm EST

Only 25 spots available

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Joyce’s Choices Healing Kitchen Masterclass

Have you ever bought kitchen equipment that you rarely use?

Your juicer is sitting in the garage or it’s another item in your storage unit.

That fancy blender is sitting under the counter and never gets pulled out. It just keeps taking up the space, and you’re struggling with your energy every day!

Have you bought organic food and ended up throwing it away week after week?

You’re so tired you never got around to it.

Besides, what the heck do you do with it?

Why bother spending money on organics when you think it’s cheaper and quicker going to your favorite drive-through?

Has take-out become your standard because of time and money?

Even when you take the time to prepare your food, you’re so tired you rush to eat it.

When you’re finished eating, you wonder, “What did I just eat?”

You’re on the phone eating while you talk, or turn off your zoom camera to grab a bite.

You fall asleep on your couch and binge on bags of snacks and whatever you can lay your hands on.

During the pandemic when shelves were empty, how good would it be to know how to make different types of milk that are better for you and save you time and money?

How good would it be to be able to prepare food easily so that it is available when you need it?

Do you struggle with what to eat when you’re so busy trying to make money?

In Joyce's Choices Healing Kitchen Masterclass, you will learn:


How to set up your kitchen and choose equipment so that you save time and have more fun in the kitchen


Make the best food selection when shopping so that you can be healthier and have more energy


How to simply prepare better and healthier meals with the food selection you have available without food wastage and overwhelm

Dates for the 2-hour Masterclass:

Tuesday, Nov 16 & Thursday Nov 18 - Sold out

9-11am ET | 8-10am CT | 7-9am MT | 6-8am PT

Registration fee is $47

Only 25 spots available!

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Thursday, December 30, 2021

12pm ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT

Registration fee is $47 - $27

Only 25 spots available!


About Joyce

Joyce B. Nyairo is the consummate change agent, a teacher, Evangelist and entrepreneur. As CEO of Amazing Balance International Group, she serves as the catalyst for inspiring and empowering multicultural, international business and religious organizations that span the globe. She is a responsive advocate for health issues.

She is multi-talented and speaks four different languages. A gifted, anointed, talented presenter, she is a Lifestyle Integrative Expert, Certified Health Coach and a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant (graduate of The Protocol school of Washington).

In addition to her formal education, she is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which emphasizes traditional and modern nutrition theories, contemporary health studies and health coaching.

She has made numerous presentations on health and wellness topics. Her audiences have included the Living Well Institute, Encouragement Ministries, Inc., and Content Communications, Inc., the Business Network Group of Entrepreneurs of Baltimore, as well as schools, churches, conferences and retreats.

To demonstrate her commitment to keeping her clients healthy and well balanced, Joyce provides onsite and online programs and workshops that are fun, quick and easy-to-prepare for healthier lifestyles that are uniquely tailored to her clients eating habits and work schedules. Her emphasis via her personally designed curricula for health and wellness programs for corporations, families and communities ensures wholesome, natural nutritional eating habits, fitness and stress management – hence weight stabilization and a more fulfilled life.

How to create an efficient healing kitchen that saves you time and money

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